MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 27

March 1st, 2012


Show Notes

Kenny Mittleider from Knights of the Guild, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast & Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast, Simon Meddings from Waffle On Podcast, & Al Kessel from Tales from the Mouse House, Fast Forward & Just Because Podcast discuss one of the most successful and longest running television series in history.. M*A*S*H

Today we cover Season 2, Episode #3 - Radar's Report

27th Episode Overall

Directed by Jackie Cooper

Written by Sheldon Keller & Laurence Marks

Production code K402

Original air date September 29, 1973

Set during the Korean War in the 1950’s

Plot Summary: This episode is told as a voice-over of Radar reading a report as he is typing it. Comically, it includes where he puts punctuation and how he spaces the report. In each scene of the episode, the viewer hears the actual scene as well as the report that Radar is making. An enemy prisoner who is being treated in the OR grabs a scalpel and attacks a nurse and a patient of Trapper's before being subdued by Hawkeye. When Trapper's patient subsequently dies, Trapper is furious at the enemy soldier, and considers killing him by removing his IV; however, Hawkeye talks him down.Hawkeye, meanwhile, has fallen head over heels in love with a new nurse, Lt. Erika Johnson. Although he is temporarily deterred by seeing a wedding ring on her hand, he is happy to discover that the ring is merely a shield against unwanted advances. Hawkeye is prepared to propose to the nurse, but she is not interested in a long-term relationship and is shipped out to Tokyo.

After Frank mistakes Klinger for Margaret, the two majors decide to get rid of Klinger. They convince Col. Blake to have Klinger undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Dr. Milton Freedman, an Army psychiatrist, interviews Klinger, and tells him that although he believes Klinger to be sane, he is willing to grant him a Section 8 discharge if he will sign a report confirming that he is a transvestite and a homosexual (a report which Freedman notes will follow him into civilian life). Insisting that he is neither ("I'm just crazy!"), Klinger refuses to sign, and Freedman files a report saying that Klinger is sane

Hope you enjoy it,

Kenny, Meds & Al

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