MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 39

September 15th, 2012


Show Notes

Kenny Mittleider from Knights of the Guild, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast & Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast, Simon Meddings from Waffle On Podcast, & Al Kessel from Tales from the Mouse House, Fast Forward & Just Because Podcast discuss one of the most successful and longest running television series in history.. M*A*S*H

Today we cover Season 2, Episode #15 - Officers Only

39th Episode Overall

Directed by Jackie Cooper

Written by Ed Jurist

Production code K415

Original air date December 22, 1973

Set during the Korean War in the 1950’s

Plot Summary: Klinger pretends to be pregnant. Hawkeye and Trapper operate on General Mitchell's son, and the General gives them 3 days in Tokyo. Henry keeps getting calls from Tokyo about what Hawkeye and Trapper are doing. When they get back to the 4077 Frank asked the general for an officers club for the camp. They plot to allow the enlisted men access to the club. When the General opens it, the rules are bent to give his son access, which Hawkeye exploits to give access to all.

Hope you enjoy it, Kenny, Meds & Al

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