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Hi my name is Kenny and I live in Southern California. I'm currently working as a Post Production Supervisor for various television shows.

I'm an avid TV watcher. I use to watch about 25 hours of TV a week but as free time has gotten more and more rare I have cut back quite a bit. TV shows of the Past that I love are V, Firefly, Anything Star Trek, Buffy, Angel, 4400, Threshold, MASH, Legend of the Seeker, Pushing Daisies, Surface, The West Wing, The Clone Wars, Charmed and far to many more to name. I'm an avid Movie watcher also, my favorites are Fantasy/Sci Fi, but I do enjoy all types of movies.

I started contributing to podcasts back in 2005 with The Treks in Sci Fi podcast and various other podcasts. I then started my own podcast with a fellow Treks in Sci fi forum member Jen and we did The Ready Room Podcast (Treks in sci fi rpg podcast). Two years ago I started my very own podcast called Knights of the Guild and it focused on the webseries The Guild, which I am currently still doing. I also started a more general geek podcast called Epic Geek Out.

I've always been a MASH fan but never very hard core until I meet my partner who was a MASH fanatic and I watched every episode with him and fell in love with this series. I asked my buddies Meds and Al to join me in celebrating this series and they said yes so we started MASH 4077 Podcast


Hello my name is Simon Meddings and I was born and raised in Birmingham, England, then moved to the green fields of Worcestershire and am married, have a young daughter and a slightly lazy rough collie called Emma. I first started writing at eighteen with a one hour film script which got about as far as my waste paper bin. Determined not to give up I carried on writing short stories and finally found a group of like minded individuals at a BBQ and joined them in creating the web comedy series The Danger Signs and News@Then. That was in 2006 and I have wrote and acted in near on all the episodes and directed one. In 2007’ I wrote a script for a short ten minute film called The Egg, which I co-directed and produced with David Ray.

In 2008’ I joined a forum on Treks in Sci Fi and met Jen Rhodes who convinced me to write for their RPG, I did this for two years and narrated in near on all the episodes of the Ready Room podcast, a show dedicated to reading all the stories wrote by the artists.  Continuing my writing partnership with Jen I co-wrote the audio drama Two White Doves for Necropolis studios which was released in late 2009.

Also in 2009 I started a podcast called Waffle On Podcast as show devoted to classic TV and Film from around the world with my good friend Mark Kelly. In 2010 I became one of the staff writers for Martian Creative who produce The Martians are Here Podcast, in between podcasting and writing stories I have completed my first novel and have just started planning the second.


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